The creation of Murphy's Mates


 “Murphy, go out and find out about DOGS” my master said.  Being of the four legged variety myself, what could I possibly find out about dogs that I didn’t already know?  In my strolls around the grounds, I had a chat with some new woofy friends, but no new canine facts to be discovered.

Our new found ‘pack’ plodded up to see the humans in the hotel only to discover that I apparently suffer from some condition called selective hearing!  My master actually said I had to go find out about BLOGS…

Not all lost, after some petting and treats from the humans, it was decided that they loved our pack so much that they took our photos and created ‘Murphy’s Mates’.

Bring your human along to Ballathie, let the team take your photo and come join our pack #murphysmates (PS they ALWAYS have biscuits!)

Off to do some research on BLOGS now… until next time!