updated January 2022

We are delighted to be able to remain open, doing what we do best - welcoming guests.  We want to reassure everyone of the steps the Ballathie Team have taken to adapt both our service and facilities to comply with latest Government advice and Guidelines. Keeping you and our staff safe and comfortable throughout your stay is of paramount importance to us, whilst maintaining our renowned Scottish hospitality and highest quality experience.

In addition to our exceptionally high standard of cleanliness, we have reviewed the guidelines, along with Public Health Authority’s recommendations and taken best practice on board as our new standard. Note this is an ongoing, developing summary of our Guidelines - 

  • Public areas will be cleaned and sanitised using leading approved products with increased frequency
  • The products we use have been approved as effective in killing virus and bacteria, and will be applied for the recommended contact time
  • High contact surfaces have been identified and particular attention will ensure these areas are sanitised regularly – and in some cases, high contact areas in both bedrooms and public areas have been removed. The ‘nice to have’ items, such as cushions have also been removed.
  • Our housekeeping staff are implementing a unique Trigger Touch Point – where, in addition to regular cleaning, they will also sanitise with an approved anti-viral surface disinfectant. Bathroom drains will be disinfected, glass wear and crockery will all be removed for washing after departure.
  • And if this isn’t enough, with a belt and braces approach we have invested in a “Fogging Machine”, which will sanitise your room prior to arrival. This process is proven to eradicate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
  • We are continuing our  “Refreshing Housekeeping” policy for bedrooms throughout your stay. We will not automatically refresh your bedroom whilst you remain resident with us, you can, of course request a refresh visit. Fresh towels will be available; however they will be handed over outside the bedroom, and not inside.
  • Our food offering will be as delicious as ever, our service friendly and considerate. 

We want our guests to feel comfortable amidst our adapted services and we want you to concentrate on relaxing to enjoying our Highland hospitality, superb quality food, fabulous location, and enjoying your visit. We will be on hand to guide and help you and promise not to make everything too complicated.

  • We will be practising social distancing at all times, in front of house and behind the scenes where possible.
  • Our team members will be wearing appropriate face coverings determined by the team setting, role and responsibilities. These will be changed on a regular basis to comply to Government guidelines, with disposable items being disposed of after every service/bedroom clean, in a safe manner.
  • Staff uniforms will remain inside the building and will be laundered inhouse.
  • We have conducted all the necessary training to be sure our staff feel safe and are familiar with how to wear and dispose of PPE. We will also be monitoring our staff for their mental well-being.
  • Hand Sanitisers’ have been installed throughout the hotel and within the Riverside and Sportsman’s Lodges buildings
  • Room service will be offered however it will be restricted in the time frame it is offered. Service will be restricted to being delivered to the bedroom door and not taken inside your bedroom.
  • The new catch phrases have become an essential part of our language – these include Social Distancing – the carpets don't have lots of sticky tape, but we will have ensured all our tables, chairs, stools are at the suggested 1m distance from each other,
  • Ample car parking, no need to park next to the car that arrived before you.

We have reviewed all of our procedures, to simplify contact on both surfaces and in person. Our team will still be friendly and smiling and prepared to help, but where we can, we have reduced contact. We will send an email to each guest 4/5 days prior to arrival to explain in a little detail what to expect on arrival, so the unknown is less intimidating.

  • We now have an online check in, to avoid filling in forms, your sanitised room key will be ready for collection, in a sealed pocket, at Reception.
  • We have reviewed our capacity and reduced the number of guests in the hotel by more than 50%. The number of guests in the Restaurant will be much less than you may have experienced before, along with 1m distanced tables, you can relax and enjoy dinner (and breakfast) without worrying who your dining neighbours are.
  • We do ask that all tables must be reserved in advance for both breakfast and dinner, under the new guidelines, we will not be able to offer dinner if a table has not been pre booked.

We are often complimented with regards to our team members, they are the back bone of Ballathie and have embraced the ‘New Normal’ with commitment and cheerfulness. 

  • Each and every member of staff have received training on COVID 19 health and safety protocols and will be regularly updated as per Government recommended practice relating to coronavirus symptoms, hygiene, cleanliness and physical distancing.
  • Lots of hand washing, regularly and for the recommended time period. In addition to washing with soap and water, our staff will be using the hand sanitising stations also.
  • Each team member will have their temperature checked daily before starting their shift.
  • Regular Later floe tests are undertaken by all of our Team.
  • Scotland is still under guidance to 1m distancing, and we plan to maintain this. We will monitor the Government Guidelines and review our procedures accordingly.
  • Our admin team continue to keep the enquiries and bookings up to date from home, to reduce the amount of staff we have in the hotel at any one time
  • Our kitchen team are working harder than ever, to comply with social distancing within the kitchen environment, the wearing of PPE make the kitchen an even hotter place, but the good humour still shines through.

Our relationship with you, our guest, is a two-way communication, we listen to your comments, requests and opinions.  We were very pleased with the huge positive feedback we have experienced since re-opening in July 2020 however we are very mindful that we need our guests to travel on this journey with us, to help us achieve a relaxed and comfortable environment for you to enjoy at Ballathie. As we remain open, we sincerely hope guests will feel safe and enjoy their stay.

We need to ask a few things of you to help us stay Covid–free;

  • Before you leave home to travel and during travel, take a moment to consider if you just might have any symptoms of coronavirus, and if so please don’t travel. Look out for fever, cough, loss of taste and smell. Ensure you familiarise yourself with the Scottish Government recommended precautions regarding your own health.
  • Should you not be able to travel as a result of a coronavirus related issue, we will reschedule your stay or refund your deposit.
  • Read our 5 day contact email in full – take time to read the information we will send you before your arrival, it will give you important information relating to checking in and what to expect. Please do not hesitate to call and ask questions if you are concerned or unsure of anything.
  • Use our online registration system.
  • Stay alert – be aware of your health when you are at Ballathie. Take time to read the signage we have placed to help you stay alert, especially with regard to distancing from other guests.
  • Distance – keep to the minimum of 2m rule, with both our staff and other guests where possible. Our public areas are set up to ensure distancing measures are in place.
  • It is mandatory in Scotland for Guests  to wear face coverings inside the hotel.
  • Book your tables for dinner and breakfast to help us ensure you get our very best attention, and not be disappointed as we are reducing the number of guests’ we can offer dinner to.
  • Wash your hands before leaving your room for at least 20 seconds. Please make good use of the hand sanitising stations that you will find around the hotel, especially before entering the Restaurant and Bar area, and of course after visiting the restroom.
  • We will ask that accounts are paid by card payment – not cash. Your account will be available to you prior to checkout giving you time to check it is accurate.  Payment will then be taken from the card number given to us on arrival.  This prevents the high touch area of the POS card machine.
  • Luggage – we are very happy to transport your luggage to outside your room, please just remove it from the boot of your car for us.
  • If you do become ill – don’t worry, we will be here to help you. The incubation period for coronavirus is 2 -14 days, so it is possible you could develop symptoms after you arrive. Please remain in your bedroom. It is vital you let our reception or management team know that you feel unwell immediately.